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Zibo Hengsen Refractories Co., LTD

Our company is mainly engaged in high alumina refractory bricks, casting bricks and runner bricks with a wide range of positions, reasonable price, sound quality, high compactness, high intensity, high thermal shock resistance and good washing-out resistance. Our products are widely used in various kinds of steel, such as stainless steel, alloy steel ect,. The main features of our products are high refractoriness, good calving and corrosion resistance, neat appearance, smooth tunnel, precise dimension and covering a wide range of positions. 

Our company has passed the SO9001:2000 Quality Certification System with more than 20 years of production history.
Passed the SO9001:2000 Quality Certification System
Long-term cooperative relations with many large-scale enterprises, rich experience in production and sales, strong ability

An professional refractories manufacturer integrating research, development and production.
Our company is equipped with domestic advanced tunnel kiln production lines We can provide customized product

Perfect Service Great service team which can be reached any time
Advanced quality level in China
Complete range of products, rich experience, reasonable price, stable quality

北单比分奖金封顶吗 www.jvcjh.com.cn Manager Yang +86 18560823197  
Manager Si +86 13905335780 
Phone No.: +86 0533-5776833
Address: Kui’er village Kunlun Town Zichuan District Zibo Shandong Province 

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